Bree Likes Books

Disclaimers & disclosures: I update randomly. Sometimes I rate books, sometimes I don't. I read lots of books written by my friends, but I usually mark them as such. I like peanut butter.  I only finish books I enjoy, and I don't usually post about books I don't finish. Jeremy Renner needs to call me.  I write under the pennames Moira Rogers & Kit Rocha. 

A Brush of Darkness (Abby Sinclair, Book 1) - Allison Pang Oh, but this was fun! It's been ages since I connected with an UF heroine in a new series...I honestly was worried that I was a little burned out on the genre. But I loved Abby and I LOVED the presence of so many other female characters. She has friends! Female friends! Wheeee! (What. That gets me super excited, okay?) And she's delightfully geeky and full of the pop culture fun. Can't wait for the next book.