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Heart of Steel -  Meljean Brook I absolutely loved this book. It is not the same type of book as The Iron Duke, at all, but that didn't bother me. I love reading different types of stories with different dynamics & different heroes/heroines, but set in the same world. It's all the things I love about the setting without the chance that the stories will start to seem repetitive.

I think people who struggled with the world building in The Iron Duke will enjoy this one more. It had a lighter feel and a quicker pace, but didn't lose any of the action & excitement. The dichotomy of such a sweet romance between two such dangerous characters totally worked for me.
There is so much to explore in this universe, so much potential for interesting situations and settings. I can not wait to read more.

This is not a very informative review, but that's okay. I'm biased anyway, because Meljean Brook writes the heroines that make my heart happy.

(And for those of you who haven't read The Iron Duke... I think you could easily pick this one up and enjoy it, even being unfamiliar with the world.)