Bree Likes Books

Disclaimers & disclosures: I update randomly. Sometimes I rate books, sometimes I don't. I read lots of books written by my friends, but I usually mark them as such. I like peanut butter.  I only finish books I enjoy, and I don't usually post about books I don't finish. Jeremy Renner needs to call me.  I write under the pennames Moira Rogers & Kit Rocha. 

The Dragon Reborn - Robert Jordan Heeere we go again. My vague memory of this book includes Nyneave and Lan kissing in secluded corners. No, really. That's the only clear memory I have. (It's been like, 15 years since I read it, in my defense. Or more.)

Update: Well, my memory was wrong. Clearly the kissing is in the next book. Which means I had NO memory of this book at all. But go team Dragon Reborn! Not sure if I'm going to plunge on to the next one or take a detour.