Bree Likes Books

Disclaimers & disclosures: I update randomly. Sometimes I rate books, sometimes I don't. I read lots of books written by my friends, but I usually mark them as such. I like peanut butter.  I only finish books I enjoy, and I don't usually post about books I don't finish. Jeremy Renner needs to call me.  I write under the pennames Moira Rogers & Kit Rocha. 

The Fires of Heaven - Robert Jordan Starting the next reread. This was always my favorite book...I think I read it like, 4 different times during high school. But I haven't read it since the 90s, so we'll see...

Update: Okay, so all the stuff I remember loving apparently happened in book 4 and presumably book 6. I don't even know. Also, I don't know how I could end up kinda annoyed by this book but still went and bought #6 to start right away. I apparently am in the grip of a glom and should just surrender to it. (I'm envisioning a flower bud...)