Bree Likes Books

Disclaimers & disclosures: I update randomly. Sometimes I rate books, sometimes I don't. I read lots of books written by my friends, but I usually mark them as such. I like peanut butter.  I only finish books I enjoy, and I don't usually post about books I don't finish. Jeremy Renner needs to call me.  I write under the pennames Moira Rogers & Kit Rocha. 

Lord of Chaos - Robert Jordan I'm starting to feel like I need an intervention.

Edit: Well, this was better than the last one. IIRC, Lan returns in the next one. And stuff. I'm pretty sure Lord of Chaos was the last of these books I read for the first time in high school. When I was reading a few of the scenes I remembered reading them for the first time in the student lounge at my high school. No idea why such a vivid memory...