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Disclaimers & disclosures: I update randomly. Sometimes I rate books, sometimes I don't. I read lots of books written by my friends, but I usually mark them as such. I like peanut butter.  I only finish books I enjoy, and I don't usually post about books I don't finish. Jeremy Renner needs to call me.  I write under the pennames Moira Rogers & Kit Rocha. 

Daughter of the Blood - Anne Bishop Re-read in February 2013.
Re-read in March 2011.
Tangled Webs (Black Jewels, Book 6) - Anne Bishop Reread in January 2013
Re-read in March 2011.
Shalador's Lady - Anne Bishop Reread in January 2013. (WHAT. I needed comfort after Memory of Light.)
Reread in March 2012.
Reread in January 2012.
Reread ~ 5 times in 2011.
The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright - Tessa Dare Awwww, this was BEYOND adorable. I loved it! Warm fuzzy novellas FTW.

If this sets the tone for my 2013 reading, it's going to be a gooooood year.
A Kiss For Midwinter - Courtney Milan Awwwwww! My last read of 2012, and it was the perfect warm-fuzzy to end the year on.
Dreams Made Flesh - Anne Bishop Okay, somehow the stupid goodreads button made me delete my review of this book when I was trying to add it to my re-read in 2012 shelf.

I hate that button.
Confidence Tricks - Tamara Morgan Ack, how was this still under currently reading? This was an awesome game of cat & mouse and a CAPER! I love a good caper.
Towers of Midnight - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson Yaaaaaay. I'm so glad I finished, that was awesome.

Except also booooo, I just found out that the book #14 ebook release will be delayed until APRIL, which means I flogged my way through a reread before January for now freaking reason.

The Gathering Storm - Brandon Sanderson, Robert    Jordan Wow. That was freaking epic, no really.

I am so glad I pushed through the other books to get to this one. The payoff for all my waiting for Egwene & the White Tower storyline to wrap up was worth it.
Knife of Dreams - Robert Jordan Eh. The Egwene parts were awesome. :D

Crossroads of Twilight - Robert Jordan Okay, I think this was the first one that I never read (or never finished?) the first time through the series. I think I started it, because some stuff at the beginning was vaguely familiar. I wouldn't be surprised if I DNFd it, though...because I don't think anything actually happened. (Okay, something happened in the last 2 pages.)

AND YET. Here we go. Just bought #11.
The Duchess War - Courtney Milan This book wrecked me. Robert makes me weepy. I love him. I love him in a way that I can't really articulate. I don't even know. I read it in one sitting and feel like I need a while before I can talk about it. [insert random babble]
The Theory of Attraction - Delphine Dryden This was a fun, dorky, dirty little story with a lot of heart and a lot of brains. Well written and super sweet.
Winter's Heart - Robert Jordan Here we go. I think this might be the last one I actually read on my original read-through.
The Path of Daggers - Robert Jordan I'm not even sure I'm entirely enjoying this reread anymore, but I AM DETERMINED to keep going until I freaking find out what happens with Egwene and the White Tower, so plz do not mind my self-destructive charge through the next few books.

(I was so ashamed that I went back to rereading that I didn't even add this one to my shelf until I was finished.)
A Crown of Swords  - Robert Jordan The only way out is down...

Edit: Meeeeh. Am supremely squicked by the whole Mat/Tylin thing and am starting to feel a little deja vu about how I mostly just want to know about Egwene but she's the one I hardly ever even see. I may lurch on toward Path of Daggers but it might be time for a break.